Pushkar Ghats

The 12- Original Ghats at Pushkar Attributed to Nahar Mal Rao Parihara & the 52 Ghats as known today

* Gau Ghat
* Gau Ghat ( Raj Babra Temple )
* Janana / Queen Mary Ghat
* Chir Ghat
* Nagar Ghat
* Jagannath Ghat
* Ram Ghat
* Mukti Ghat
* Gangaur Ghat
* Asthal Ghat.
* Badri Ghat
* Badri Ghat ( Old Rang-ji Temple )
* Bhind Bhadawar / Nagar Palika Ghat
* Vishram / Jhulelal
* Vishram / Jhulelal
* Kurmanchal Ghat.
* Pachdevri Ghat
* Pachdevri Ghat
* Holkar / Ahilya / Indore Ghat.
* Varaha Ghat
* Varaha Ghat ( Varaha Temple )
* Pachdevri Ghat
* 108 Mahadev Ghat
* Chandra Ghat
* Indra Ghat
* Gwalior Ghat ( Koteshwar Mahadev Temple )
* Bagula Ghat
* Panch Vir
* Jaisalmer / Kishangarh Ghat
* Guru Gobind Singh Ghat
* Man / Jaipur Ghat.
* Saptrishi Ghat
* Saptarishi Ghat.
* Mandor / Gurjara Ghat
* Bundi Ghat
* Balunda Ghat
* Vir Gurjara Ghat
* Sikar Ghat
* Swarup Ghat
* Swarup Vallabh Ghat ( Savitri Temple )
* Kota Ghat.
* Hingor Mal Ka Mahal
* Hingor Mal Mahal / Tantuvaya Vaishya Ghat
* Chauri Paidi Ghat.
* Kalyan Ghat
* Kalyan Ghat ( Rama Baikunth Temple )
* Raj Bohra Ghat ( Brahma Temple )
* Karni Ghat
* Tarni Ghat
* Parashuram Ghat ( Nimbark )
* Savitri Ghat.
* Brahma Ghat
* Brahma Ghat ( Brahma Temple )
* Dadhicha / Hada Ghat
* Sati Ghat.
* Yajna Ghat
* Yajna Ghat ( Riddhi Siddhi Temple )
* Shitla Mata Ghat
* Chhik Mata Ghat
* Bharatpur Ghat
* Rehgaran / Gandhi / Shaheed Ghat.

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