In Sanskrit the word ‘Pushkar’ means ‘blue lotus’. Hindus have faith that the God unleashed a swan with a lotus on earth where Jagatpita Brahma performed a grand yagya. The place where the lotus fell was known as Pushkar. Some people postulate that it may be derived from word ‘Pushpa’ indicates flower and ‘Kar’ denotes hand.

The Pushkar Fair (Pushkar Camel Fair) or most commonly Pushkar ka Mela is a yearly five-day camel and other cattle fair. It is known as one of the world's greatest camel mela. A camel race indicates the beginning of the festival, with folk music, songs and exposition to follow. It is celebrated for five days from the Kartik ekadashi to Kartik Poornima, (the 15th) of Kartik (October–November) in Hindu calendar with full zeal and zest. Kartik Poornima is the special day and innumerable people take bath in its sacred water.

In 2017, Pushkar Fair is being celebrated from 26 October 07 November

Embellished camels march and compete in a beauty contest and the camel that stood separately in terms of beauty win the prize. There are numerous competitions for entertaining the tourists.From ornaments for cattle, ranging from saddles, saddle-straps, beads, strings and cowries, to items significantly exhibited for the human folks, the array of artifacts exhibited has no boundary. Silver jewellery and bead necklaces from Nagaur, patchwork, printed textiles as well as the famous tie 'n' dye fabrics are fascinating and noteworthy.

Everyone in Pushkar celebrates this festival with enchanting folk music and dance blended with revered milieu, adorned cattle contest and traditional entertaining stalls galore.

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